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Digital Image Art

Digital Images for Home and Office

  A particular favorite of the Acellis Company. These images are designed specifically for large wall arrays and groupings ... and of course, particularly all those who love our pedaled friends.


Our images are provided in specific formats that have been predetermined by the artist. We ask that these formats not be manipulated in any fashion.

Special digital images for the automotive set including the gear-head, the racer, the entrepreneur, the builder, the restorer and anyone else who loves wheels.



We provide assistance to select images at no cost.  To design wall arrays, assist in media selection, framing and other artistic services, we charge a nominal fee.

  For the people watcher. These images attempt to provide a view of ourselves through others. A brief glimpse of ourselves as we make our way through.


There are literally hundreds of ideas that you can choose from in reproducing any images. We help determine how to best display your selected images.

In the day and age where everyone knows everything about everything, these images share phrases that knowns and unknowns have provided for our uttering pleasure.


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  Mankind's fixation with things defines us in ways that are hard to understand. These images attempt to provide a finer edge of understanding to those things that we treasure of our own or of others.


Everybody wants to go everywhere and see everything. These images are meant to provide a glimpse of things that we don't see as we scurry through the "bucket list."